How do I use an Annuity Table?

If you are coming up to retirement and have been saving into a defined contributions pension you maybe be interested in looking at an annuity table. These offer you the chance the examine the best rates from the leading UK annuity providers. These tables contain snapshot rates from the main annuity providers and are updated on a monthly basis. They are designed to act as an illustrative guide for those looking at purchasing an annuity to see what level of income they could potentially receive from their pension pot.

One thing that is important to note here is that an annuity table does not show you definitively which provider has the best deal to suit your personal circumstances. The best quote can only be obtained by ascertaining detailed information about an individual including their state of health, fund size, location as well as deciding which annuity product suits them the best. For this reason it is essential to speak to an annuity expert of financial adviser who can gather the detailed information needed to produce a comprehensive quote. Another thing to consider is that not all providers offer the same annuity products and rates, so shopping around between them is vitally important. Many retirees fail to realise this and take their annuity from the company with which they have been saving their company pension. This is highly unlikely to be the best deal which results in thousands of annuitants missing out on a potentially higher pension income.

Annuity tables can be useful to get an overall picture of what the current leading rates are but when looking for an actual quote you must speak to an annuity specialist.  You can find tables published on the FSA’s own website, as well as on a number of other financial websites. The tables themselves show rates from all the open market annuity providers, e/g those providers are are willing to share their rates publicly (not all do). Within the tables you can find information about the following types of annuity…

  • Single Life
  • Joint Life
  • Standard / Level
  • Enhanced
  • RPI linked
  • Guarantee Periods


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