Enhanced Annuities

Enhanced annuities are for those people who have a medical condition or lifestyle choice which is likely to mean they have a shorter retirement. They pay a higher rate because the pension provider calculates that they will have to pay out an annuity income for a shorter time period compared to a healthy person. They can sometimes be referred to as impaired annuities.

An enhanced annuity can pay as much as 40% more than a standard annuity. It is not just those who have serious medical conditions who maybe eligible for enhanced annuities. There are over 5,000 different conditions which can be considered by providers, so it is essential you declare all past or present health issues.

How do I know if I am eligible?

To complete an enhanced annuity quote you may have to undertake a medical examination and have your GP provide medical information. Any additional income received will be based upon the results of this report.

Examine these three questions to give you an idea if you qualify…

• Do you smoke tabacco often?
• Do you take regular medication for any illnesses?
• Have you been hospitalised recently?


If you smoke then you could get an enhanced annuity worth up to 15% more in retirement income. Normally you need to prove you smoke at least ten cigarettes per day in order to qualify.

How much more income do I get?

This depends on your state of health. If you have serious conditions such as a history of heart attacks or strokes, you could get as much as 50% more income. On average retirees get between 20% and 25% more income compared with standard annuities.

What are the main health conditions?

There are over 5,000 conditions but here are some of the most common ones…

• High blood pressure
• Organ transplant
• Asthma/respiratory conditions
• Stroke
• Liver disease.
• Cancer
• Heart or cardiovascular problems
• Diabetes
• Obesity

To see if you are eligible for enhanced annuities give our team a call or complete our annuity quote form now.


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