Annuity Calculator

Buying an annuity is a once if a lifetime event so it is vital that you get the best annuity rates possible. Our expert advice will allow you to see which providers have the highest annuities and to ensure you get the maximum retirement income.

To use our annuity calculator, complete the annuity quote form on the right and one of our specialist annuity advisors will contact you. We will then search the entire annuity market to see which pension providers have the best deal. We offer a tailored service to meet the needs of each individual.

Factors which impact the rates offered from an annuity calculator

Your age, health, and pension fund value are the main factors which will determine the amount of money you can get from an annuity.


Older retirees are on average offered a better annuity rate as they are likely to die sooner than younger retirees. The annuity provider calculates that they are likely to have to pay out an income for a fewer number of years to older retirees and so they are offered a higher rate as a consequence.


Your state of health can also impact on how much annuity income you can receive. It is actually those with medical conditions who benefit when it comes to annuities, as they are likely to die sooner than healthy people. If you have a medical condition (such as obesity) or lifestyle choice (such as smoking or drinking) then you could be eligible for what are known as enhanced annuities. However you must declare the above to the annuity provider, as they may not bother to check, meaning you could end up with a lower annuity income as a consequence.

Annuity Type

There are dozens of annuity products on the market.  If you want your partner or spouse to receive an income after you pass away then you should choose a joint-life annuity. This will result in a lower rate as the annuity provider will have to continue to pay out after you pass away. The rate offered will also depend on the age of your partner, often those people with a partner who is significantly younger than them opt for a joint-life annuity.




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