Annuity Providers

There are a number of annuity providers in the UK including several household name insurance companies. Knowing which one to chose when buying an annuity can be difficult as they all offer different rates and products. That’s why it is best to speak to an annuity specialist who can guide you through the various options and help you find the provider offering the best rates that suit your own personal circumstances.

Comparing annuity providers is known as using the open market option, something that was introduced back in 1975 which allowed those about to retiree to move their pension fund to whichever annuity provider they prefer. Surprisingly a substantial number of annuitants do not compare providers and take the first offer they are given, meaning they could be missing out on a higher income in retirement.

UK Annuity Providers

  • Canada Life
  • Aviva
  • Standard Life
  • Aegon Scottish Equitable
  • Prudential
  • MGM Advantage
  • Just Retirement
  • AXA
  • LV=
  • Hodge Lifetime
  • Reliance Mutual
  • Scottish Widows
  • Partnership

Enhanced Annuities

For those who smoke or drink on a regular basis, or who have a past or present medical condition that may impact on life expectancy, there is the possibility they maybe eligible for enhancements on their annuity. This could mean a rate rise of 40% or more compared with level annuities. We will ask all the necessary questions to see of you qualify for an enhanced annuity.


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